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Museum of History & Museum of Natural Sciences - Raleigh, NC

OOPS! lol

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Hi everyone! Today we were supposed to go to the History Museum in Raleigh. The History Museum and Science Museum are right beside each other and we walked into the Science Museum by mistake (we didn't realize it until the 3rd floor! We were thinking most of the museum was about how NC came to be through animals lol).

There were animals from all over NC. There were sea animals and land animals. There were animals that swim, fly, crawl, scamper and slither. There was even a dinosaur exhibit. There were whale skeletons and fish. There was a giant sloth's skeleton that looked 20 feet tall! There were birds, bugs, fish and lots of other animals. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that one of my best friends came with me today too.

We also went to the History Museum and saw the Blackbeard Pirate Exhibit. There were weapons, artifacts, jewels, treasure, cannons and more!

I really had fun at the museums today. Tomorrow we are off to Bentonville Battlefield in Four Oaks!


Well, I don't have much to add to this one. Jessica pretty much said it all. We did have fun today even though our plans changed. It is a little embarassing that I was born and raised in Raleigh and didn't know which building was which :).

My favorite part of today was definately Knights of the Black Flag Exhibit at the History Museum. I've always liked pirate folklore and even have a souvenir Blackbeard cup from when I was Jessica's age from a visit to "The Lost Colony" play my grandparents took me to.

KIDS ARE FREE for this exhibit! Adults are only $5.00 and it is worth every penny. It runs until January, so PLEASE try to make out there. It was wonderful!



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Hi There!

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Hi! I'm Jessica. In this blog, I'm writing journal entries about different places around North Carolina.

I am 9 years old and am out of school for the summer. I will be traveling with my mom and sometimes my 4 year old sister will be with us. We are near the Dunn/Erwin area and will be traveling up to a 3 hour radius to the neat things in North Carolina. We plan on taking 2 trips each week (one local and one far away), so I might get backed up in writing this blog. I will try to keep it up if I can. I will need my mom's help to get the pictures on here.

The things I'm looking forward to are the haunted places :). I am going to go to a Sea Turtle Hospital in Topsail, deep sea fishing in Beaufort, Old Salem, Civil and Colonial battlefields, plantations and much more! I'm so excited!

If anyone has any suggestions of places we can go, please let us know. We have a pretty good list so far and will try to add more if we can.

I hope you like reading what I have to say about where I go!

This is my map of North Carolina with all the "places to visit" marked. It's going to be a great Summer!


Carolina Parent is running a feature on their site about places to travel with kids. It has a lot of great places to visit with your children...


Well, I'm off to travel!

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