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Rankin Museum of American Heritage - Ellerbe, NC


This was cool!

We were on our way back home yesterday from the Indian Mound and we saw a sign for an American Heritage Museum. We finished at the Mound earlier than we thought, so we decided to follow the signs. We came to a small brick building in the middle of a very small town and were not expecting what what inside.


This guy in that area had collected things his whole life a long time ago and after he died, his family gave it to the town to display. There were real stuffed animals, dinosaur fossils, DINOSAUR EGG FOSSILS, sea fossils, gemstones, pottery from 100's of years ago, Civil War stuff, African art, Indian stuff and tons more.

My favorite parts were the weaving loom and the polar bear.

P1010144.jpg P1010127.jpg


This place was definately a hidden gem. I don't remember ever seeing some of these things before. We would have never stopped if not for the signs along the road. I'm glad Jessica and I had time to explore Richmond County.

If you get some time, run down there. It was amazing.


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Town Creek Indian Mound - Mt. Gilead, NC

North Carolina's Oldest Historic Site

"O Si Yo Everyone!"

O Si Yo means "Hello" in Cherokee :). I REALLY enjoyed this trip today. It is a site in the Pee Dee River valley. It showed us how the Indians lived on this site. Archaeology shows that they were here starting in the 11th century A.D.. We saw the Guard Tower, The Mortuary, The Town House and Mound and the Priest Hut.

It told us a lot about how they buried their dead. The adults were wrapped in cloth then buried and the babies and young children were wrapped in cloth, placed in large pottery with gifts and then buried.

No one knows why they came here and why they just disappeared.

I had fun today. I have lots of detailed pictures, so check them out!



This was a fun trip today with Jessica. The Indian Mound was excavated in 1937 and continued for 50 years. It uncovered structures, pottery and the Pee Dee Culture. It brought to life inportant ceremonies and rituals. Our visit contained a self-guided tour of the grounds and an in-depth look at pre-Columbian life in Piedmont North Carolina.

Today the Town Creek is the only historic site in NC dedicated to the Native American heritage. This is something everyone must see.


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Averasboro Battlefield - Dunn, NC - Civil War

Dunn/Erwin, NC

Today we went to Averasboro Battlefield. There they have the William Smith house, the Lebanon House, Oak Grove, a Confederate cemetery and a slave house. At the cemetery we saw this funny bird that had its nest on the cemetery's grounds. It was squalking at us like crazy!

I think my favorite parts were the houses and artifacts. I also was able to get real bullets that were found on the battlefield! This was a really fun trip and I'll get in touch soon!

129__800x600_.jpg P1000993.jpg


Jessica and I really enjoyed our trip today. The museum has a lot of cases full of things that have been found on the battleground. They have a preserved uniform of a local soldier that fought in this battle. There is also a copy of a very sad letter of Janie Smith, an 18 year old girl, who lived in the Lebanon House that was used as the Confederate hospital while she lived there. She talks about what she saw, heard and even describes smells while living there during the battle.

This is a trip no one should miss. We even were able to purchase bullets that were found on the battlefield! I'm very happy we went and will be going back again in the future to learn more from the great tour guide.

We took lots of pictures, so make sure you check them out!

Link to Averasboro website... http://www.averasboro.com

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Hi There!

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Hi! I'm Jessica. In this blog, I'm writing journal entries about different places around North Carolina.

I am 9 years old and am out of school for the summer. I will be traveling with my mom and sometimes my 4 year old sister will be with us. We are near the Dunn/Erwin area and will be traveling up to a 3 hour radius to the neat things in North Carolina. We plan on taking 2 trips each week (one local and one far away), so I might get backed up in writing this blog. I will try to keep it up if I can. I will need my mom's help to get the pictures on here.

The things I'm looking forward to are the haunted places :). I am going to go to a Sea Turtle Hospital in Topsail, deep sea fishing in Beaufort, Old Salem, Civil and Colonial battlefields, plantations and much more! I'm so excited!

If anyone has any suggestions of places we can go, please let us know. We have a pretty good list so far and will try to add more if we can.

I hope you like reading what I have to say about where I go!

This is my map of North Carolina with all the "places to visit" marked. It's going to be a great Summer!


Carolina Parent is running a feature on their site about places to travel with kids. It has a lot of great places to visit with your children...


Well, I'm off to travel!

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